About Us

Olympic Panel® is the largest and most advanced manufacturer of overlaid plywood in North America. With over 70 years of production and field application know-how, Olympic’s panels have earned the reputation for being the finest overlay plywood panels produced in North America. Olympic Panel® has the broadest product offering available and it is the market share leader in overlaid plywood. The manufacturing facility, located on a 25 acre site in Shelton, WA, is the single largest overlay plywood manufacturing facility under a single roof in the world.

Manufacturing: The manufacturing process includes the peeling of Douglas fir and Hemlock veneer, drying of the veneer through one of 4 veneer dryers, lay-up and pressing through one of three hot presses, plus an extensive finishing department, which includes a panel sander and film press for the production of Two Step® high quality overlay panels.  The plant, which overlays 95% of its 160 million square feet of panel production (3/8” basis), employs Continuous Process Monitoring (CPM) in all manufacturing processes, to ensure consistent product quality and performance.

Products: Olympic Panel® offers the most diverse selection of overlaid plywood panels. Production panel sizes are 4’ x 8’ to 10’ and 5’ x 8’ to 10’ (MDO 1-side otherwise scarfed panel), with longer scarfed lengths, up to 12’, available.

Overlay types include: Cross-linked resin systems (Barrier Film), Phenolic surface film (PSF), Phenolic impregnated high density (HDO) and medium density (MDO) overlays, decorative polyester and fiberglass overlays and Urethane-acrylic coated, cross-linked and UV cured panels. Panels are manufactured in a one-step or two-step process and overlaid on one or two working faces, with backing available on one-sided panels.

Philosophy: Olympic Panel® believes in cultivating long term, mutually successful customer and supplier relationships. Many Olympic Panel® customer ties date back many decades.

Olympic Panel's® success depends on its customer's success. This requires a clear understanding of customer needs in order to provide a consistent, quality product that meets customer expectations, is delivered on time and at a competitive price. Another key is product development – developing new products to better meet existing needs or to address new needs. Olympic Panel® is the only overlay panel manufacturer that has a dedicated, full time, product development staff.


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