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Located in the Pacific Northwest, the birthplace of the plywood industry, Olympic Panel® has more than 70 years of experience. While many companies consider overlay products as a sideline (when markets for their primary commodity products are not taking all of their production) Olympic Panel's core business is specialty and overlay panels, allowing us to make the very best in the world.


Our dedicated staff is made up of more than 200 of the most experienced Continued Process Monitoring (CPM™) production, sales and marketing employees in the world, and prides itself as being the industry's only full-time staff devoted to product development.


Located on a 25-acre site in Shelton, WA, we have the largest overlay plywood manufacturing facility, under a single roof, in the world. This allows us to consistently provide our customers with product enhancements and new products for all of our Concrete Forming, Industrial and Sign Making solutions.

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