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Commitment to Quality

Innovation & Consistency

At Olympic Panel®, we hold the production of our overlay panels to the highest possible standards with innovative tools, consistent processes and constant focus on reducing waste.

  • Our unique film press used for the production of Two Step® overlay panels is the only one of it's kind in North America
  • We employ Continuous Process Monitoring (CPM™) to ensure consistent product quality and performance in all our manufacturing processes
  • Both our Veneer Composer & Veneer Scarfer reduce waste and allow better utilization of available veneer

Customer Collaboration

We bring continuous improvements to all of our products and systems that are based on a high level of Customer collaboration. This ensures that our products and services will exceed expectations and meet the demands of today's concrete forming industry.

Our Barrier Film™ Concrete Form is a great example of our collaboration with our Customers, and suppliers to develop what is now the highest quality concrete forming panel manufactured in North America. This product is an exclusive premium polymeric, white overlaid plywood with superior alkalinity resistance & durability for glossy finishes.

High Standards

Our panels exceed the requirements of both American Standard (ASTM) and British Standard (BS) grading rules. We are certified by The Engineered Wood Association (APA), the Japanese Agriculture Standard (JAS) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an independent, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world's forests.


Our manufacturing facility, located on a 25 acre site in Shelton, WA, is the single largest overlay plywood manufacturing facility under a single roof in the world. This unique location is on the Olympic Peninsula, up against the great Olympic Mountains in the middle of the greatest structural wood basket in the world.

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